Thomas Bergamini

Lead Compositor and Designer specializing in concepts and execution for VFX and Animation for Film, Episodic, and Advertising. | | IMDB

Latest Work || Film/Episodic Reel 2023 | All work done at SpinVFX in Atlanta, using Nuke

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (Marvel, 2023)
- DEEP compositing and keying
- Developed looks for the shots featured

Man From Toronto (Netflix, 2022)
- 3D Axe, tracked/animated/rendered in Nuke 3D and scanline renderer
- Shattered glass - 3D projected and comped

Umbrella Academy: Season 3 (Netflix, 2022)
- Comped CG arrow bolt, stock blood, and created shirt rip
- Snow shots - keyed and comped DMP projections, FX snow, stock snow to develop shot

True Spirit (Netflix, 2023)
- Underwater shots - DEEP compositing and created look
- Sailing shots - Keyed and created the look on stylized sailing shots

Firestarter (Blumhouse, 2022)
- Fire/smoke integration, cleanup plate smoke, blood integration, worked on stylized fire/spark effects, created Nuke particle system for rain effects

Motion Design Reel || After Effects, Cinema4D, Redshift, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate

Spec Coca-Cola spot done in C4D and Redshift with some After Effects comping.

Advertising VFX Reel || Autodesk Flame